Is your once lovely hardwood flooring looking dull and showing signs of age? At this stage, are you wondering whether you'll need to have a new hardwood floor installed? The answer to that question is no. Wood flooring re-finishing is exactly what you need. If you live in or close to Princeton, NJ, call us at Applied Wood Products Inc for a free estimate. We are a locally owned company that is close to the local communities of Flanders, Mendham, Chester, and Princeton, NJ. We have been a part of the industry since 1980 and have installed flooring in the community for the past 25 years. 
At Applied Wood Products Inc, skilled, precision work, and an outstanding work ethic are part of our profile. We are ranked as one of the finest wood flooring contractors in the area and we have the glowing reviews and testimonials to prove it. We are also known for the many types of wood, both domestic and foreign, that we offer our clients. In addition to the installation of quality wood flooring, we also offer maintenance services like wood flooring re-finishing. Although wood flooring is very durable, years of wear and tear can take their toll in the looks department. Floors may take on a dull hue, which distracts from their beauty. We offer excellent refinishing work, which is the equivalent of giving your floors a makeover. We put our excellent craftsmanship as well as years of experience into every project we work on.
So, if you'd like your floorings to look as beautiful as they once did, call us to set up a free estimate to get wood flooring refinishing done. You'll find our prices are affordable and our follow through is second to none. If you prefer, you can check us out at when you're online. Our website also has an appointment request form for your convenience.

Wood flooring re-finishing