If you are looking to upgrade the floors in your home, you may be wondering where there are ‘flooring stores near me’. Well, if your home is either in Flanders, NJ or in one of the neighboring communities, the answer is Applied Wood Products Inc. We are a 25-year-old company supplying quality products, installation, and maintenance of wood floor to the community. During the time we have served our clientele, we have established an outstanding reputation for honesty, integrity, hard work, and value. Our work is impeccable and we are proud to have earned the respect and loyalty of all our friends and neighbors over the years. Even before our company opened its doors, we were a part of the wood industry. Our involvement goes back to 1980. So, our experience in the industry dwarfs that over most if not all other flooring companies in the area.  
When you are looking to install hardwood floors, to make sure the work is done well and the finest products are used, you need to find a company with a proven track record of excellence and one that is known for its fine workmanship, skill, and knowledge of the product. Folks in the surrounding areas, such as Chester Westfield, Scotch Plains, and Flanders, NJ want to find ‘flooring stores near me’, the first place they need to call is Applied Wood Products Inc. No one else has the experience, training, and affordable prices like we do.
When you find yourself looking for ‘flooring stores near me’, remember we're nearby and one of the finest companies in the area. We stand by our workmanship, professionalism, and our affordable prices. We’re open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm, but our hours are by appointment only. So, call us today, or check out the contact form on our website at http://www.appliedwood.com/ and set up an appointment that way.

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