Are you a fan of hardwood flooring, but it's just a bit too expensive for your budget right now? Don't you wish there was a good alternative that had a lower price? Well, you're in luck, there is a lower-priced product that gives you the look of hardwood. It's engineered wood and it is a combination of different woods and fibers that can give you the look of hardwood flooring at a lower price. Engineered wood has benefits on its own besides being less expensive, it's more durable than its counterpart, and it's easier to clean. If you are in the Mendham, NJ area, the best place to get this product is at Applied Wood Products Inc. We've been in the wood flooring business for over two decades and our service area covers local communities, such as Chester, Flanders, Cranford, and Mendham, NJ. 
At Applied Wood Products Inc, you get the best of flooring including engineered wood flooring. This product contains wood and different fibers that are combined to create a durable, good-looking plywood board that has a hardwood veneer on top. It's a long-lasting product that is easily cared for. If you want the look of hardwood without the higher price, this product is exactly what you've been looking for. You can get what you want at an outstanding price! 
So, if engineered wood flooring is a product you think you'd like to try, call us right away for an estimate. You'll be surprised at how affordable our quality can be. Call us between 9:00 am until 3:00 pm Monday through Friday to set up an appointment. You can visit our website for details at and can also submit a contact that way as well. 
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Engineered wood flooring